It was such a shame. The Business Class cabin on the Qantas Dreamliner offers 42 seats in a 1-2-1 layout (it’s an all aisle access cabin) and is a very nice place spend a flight. At this point it occurred to me I’ve never actually flown nonstop from the US to Australia. Also, the over head locker is not available-thus you have to share with other pax[ first world problems-I realize] , and despite the kind crew-I won,t pay the premium for Qantas again-I flew with emirates home,on the a380- and felt more comfortable at all times. So yeah, in my opinion Qantas masters service in terms of the friendliness of their crews, but has a very long way to go with their actual meal service. Not surprised. 4K Join me onboard a Qantas Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in Business Class as I travel from Sydney (SYD) to Hong Kong (HKG). One thing the picture doesn’t do justice to is that Qantas uses very small plates. The bedding was definitely some of the better offerings in business class that I’ve experienced. Abnutzungsspuren sind praktisch noch nicht vorhanden, da der Dreamliner erst im Oktober 2017 ausgeliefert wurde. Qantas A380 New Business Class Lounge Review In the same space that Qantas has a rather basic red couch, their partner Emirates installed two of their famous Shower Suites. Background. Sehr gut gefallen hat mir aber das Interface, das eine intuitive Bedienung erlaubt. I just flew Qatar old hard product on the 777, great pyjamas from the white company and spectacular food, however I would have killed for that mattress pad. Qantas has a MASSIVE turbulence incident in 2008 which injured 74 people. What a shame! The Jetstar 787 business seat is 99% identical to the Qantas 737 Business Class seat, right down to the cocktail table design, and useless leg rest. They discouraged people from walking around around and people had to return to their seats the second the sign was turned on. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Callum, ahh I see, good point. The other options were turkey, chicken kiev, and pulled pork, so between those options I selected the turkey. They are in a 1-2-1 staggered configuration which means technically not every seat is a true ‘window seat.’ Below shows what I mean by this: If you’d like to have a look at the Qantas 787 Dreamliner layout, take a look here. All seats convert to a fully lie-flat bed and can stay reclined during take-off and landing. There were eight empty seats in business class, including the two seats in front of me. I was still hungry at this point, so asked if I could also have a cheese plate. Der Touchscreen unterstützt diesen Eindruck über eine sehr gute Berührungsempfindlichkeit und das … I have flown QF several times in business from the USA to Australia and back. I’m conflicted about Qantas’ 787 business class. The boarding process was swift and simple from the Qantas business class lounge as we were taken by lift to the boarding lobby. We have a 1-2-1 configuration, so the best seats are window where storage and seats are alternated giving those who really want privacy to cocoon themselves away by a window. That cabin is beautiful. About 15 minutes after takeoff the customer service manager, Greg, came by my seat to give me an immigration and fast track card for Australia, and to thank me for being a oneworld Emerald member. On our LAX – JFK the choice was soup or chicken salad and the salad was super dreary. I don’t eat pork products. Food and beverage superior in all respects. I’m a big guy and my food intake is proportional. David Caon, who has done a fair amount of design work for Qantas from lounges to the 787 Business Suite, has managed to make the new Business Lounge aboard the A380 look fantastic. And for those aiming to shave a few bucks off their ticket, we’ll also dedicate some coverage to Qantas 787 Premium Economy. Had heard good things about QA. When it comes to the solo window seats, there are two types of seats. Also, when compared to Qantas’ flagship business class product on the A330, the A380 business class actually has a slightly longer pitch (the A330 business class seat has a length of 73 inches). In this review, I’ll continue my series of travels from late 2019 (pre-COVID!) Once on board, I like many just go to sleep and wake up to a full breakfast (including vegemite). American Airlines 787-9 Business Class lounge access. This was a harissa turkey fillet with saffron rice, quinoa and lentil pilaf, citrus, and pistachio. The wines are good on QF. I finally asked the FA about mid-flight choices other than packaged snacks, and she sent me back to the menu. When I woke up we had just over 6hr40min remaining inflight to Melbourne. They often highlight national producers. Qantas 787 Business Class. The good news is that between the counter and the storage next to it there’s a lot of space to place things. 15 minutes after settling in, I was offered pajamas and amenity kits. I too have taken QF49/50 and found the meal service disappointing. A Qantas Business Class Lunch. A full 1hr45min after takeoff my main was served. So while Qantas loses points for Wi-Fi, they win points for their entertainment. Btw I also would like to mention the amenity kit, which is mediocre at best. Hier war ich positiv überrascht, denn auf meinem Flugticket war nur ein Snack bestätigt. Ben. Here is what to expect. In the cabin the meal service was slow to get started. QF are notorious for cutting costs on things, giving you the bare minimum, then putting excellent marketing spin on it to make it sound like they’re meeting customer demand. But to be fair, I just experienced the same thing on UA Polaris IAH-SYD. QF is well known for considering a drink run too much trouble before meal service…this has been going on for years now and it’s incredibly lazy, but this is what the crew service manual instructs them to do. However, just about every other aspect of the meal and service flow was either confusing or disappointing. Agree 100%. Qantas claims that they have a focus on serving healthy cuisine, but this seems to be code for not serving a lot of food. The Qantas Business Suite is a great way to travel and a noticeable improvement on the version on the A330. Recently, I flew Qantas A330 business class between Melbourne and Auckland. Stay connected via social media, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and maximizing your miles! We flew AA J to SYD and QF J back home a few years ago, and AA was actually better in every aspect. In a negative way. Kale…check. If you fly with Qantas on a domestic or short-haul international route, chances are you’ll do so on a 737. All seats convert to a fully lie-flat bed and can stay reclined during take-off and landing. Für Einzelsitzplätze direkt am Fenster fehlt ein zusätzliches Staufach. The 787 is much noisier in J than the A380 J upper deck or F lower deck. From the design I had assumed it was a fixed shell design like JAL, which I prefer for just that reason, maintaining space when the passenger in front is reclined. Qantas business class bottom line. I’ve been to Australia at least a dozen times, but oddly I’ve never flown from the US. Mingy little dishes, dreary choices, no choice of starter, and usually no choice of bread types. I have to agree with everything you said and more. What is done with the bedding that is on the seats from when you sit to when you make the bed? Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 Regional Business Class overview Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 Regional Business Class … They have the best hard product there. TZULS Conquers the World. Die Zeit auf meinem Flug in der Qantas Business Class war zu kurz um das Entertainment System der Boeing 787 einem vollständigen Check zu unterziehen. At around 8:15PM the safety video was screened: Our flight time to Australia was 14hr45min (the below screen isn’t correct). We flew YVR-SYD in December upper deck 747. Qantas business class pajamas & amenity kit. A better alternative may be the American Express Lounge or a Priority Pass eatery (if you have an eligible credit card). Auf Grund der Flugzeit von einer Stunde gab es weder Kissen und Decken noch Amenity Kits. Die Liegefläche ist also ein Tick länger im Vergleich zu den Business Class Sitzen der meisten anderen Airlines. Raffiniert gelöst ist die Platzierung der Fernbedienung für das Entertainment System. J Class meals are generally not great and very small. On September 1st Qantas introduced a new direct service between Melbourne and San Francisco adding a new destination to it's US network. The first service began 75 minutes after takeoff. I was fortunate enough to fly on the latest version of the A330-200 aircraft on the trans-Tasman route and enjoyed it immensely. They ran out of everything when came to me. Zwischen den Sitzen ist eine Konsole, auf der man Gegenstände und Getränke abstellen kann, wenn der Tisch nicht ausgeklappt ist. The business class cabin has been refined based on the same design on the A330. Next Last. In terms of the hard product I was pleasantly surprised by Qantas business class. Our LAX – Sydney flight featured a wide difference in service times between aisles – like they were two teams that didn’t talk. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! 3. Great Champagne in F. Comtes de Champangne Blanc de Blances 2006 (Taittinger). I am 120kg and never been left hungry on a QF flight. Dessert was served 2hr5min after takeoff, and the choices were fruit, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, or a strawberry and white chocolate tartlet. The Qantas Business Lounge in Sydney International Airport is regarded as the airline's best business class lounge in Australia. AFF Member on Diverted Cathay Pacific Flight . The amenity kit consisted of eyeshades, socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, hand cream, and facial moisturizer. Qantas 50 While minor, I found the plastic salt & pepper container Qantas uses to be quite cheap-looking. I won’t rush to fly them again (particularly on the A380 where the hard product is abysmal). I am interested that they serve muesli with milk. Sure enough a few minutes later we began our descent, and 25 minutes before landing the seatbelt sign was turned on. David Flynn. We could have compared the size of the plate reative to the glassware, the bread plate, etc. Probably for Europeans and Australians the Qantas portion size is normal. I knew it was a long flight, but didn’t realize it was quite that long. Evin Tan Khiew. One interesting thing about the Qantas amenity kit designs. It’s busy and loud, so I wouldn’t recommend getting to the airport early for it. That’s because the Qantas 787 does Business Class right, especially in terms of comfort, convenience, entertainment and space. Die Einlösung war also sehr attraktiv, zumal es sich um die Business Class eines Langstreckenflugzeugs handelt und ich mir so auch Übergepäckgebühren für die Economy Class sparen konnte. Business Traveller reviews the business class service and product on Qantas’s first Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flight from a destination in Asia on its Hong Kong-Melbourne service Qantas Denies Boarding for Damaged Passport . Qantas new Business Class product on the 787 is a really winner. @Oliver – on 4 recent flights – the seat belt sign went off almost right after takeoff. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Interesting that the food disappoints, same as F. I’m hoping to score QF first class next year, and I hope they improve the catering by then. Thread starter Max Samuels; Start date Oct 26, 2019; Tags business class 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. And the First lounges are of course a highlight. About BenBen Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. 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Leaving from gate A12 was the LEVEL flight to Barcelona, and just about everyone lined up for that when boarding started, and the line snaked around to the Qantas gate. What's it like to spend 16½ hours on Qantas' non-stop Boeing 787 flight from London to Perth? Qantas 787 Business Class …and there were a varying number of episodes of each show the IFE offered (from 2 episodes to a full series): Qantas 787 Business Class. For that matter the entire crew was lovely. The entertainment controller and a small vanity were located to the left of the seat. Beyond that, the variety of movies and TV shows is exceptional, with a seemingly endless selection. For business travellers in particular, more Dreamliners is definitely good news. The pros included exceptionally friendly service, great Australian wines and coffee, pajamas, a comfortable seat and bedding, a sleek cabin, and a top notch entertainment system. Qantas Dreamliner Business Class. In the case of Qantas I think back on the flight very fondly. I’m on QF LHRPER next month and just spent my own money to upgrade to business. so not that moot a point. Too much of your body in the hole. I feel they are even behind BA in that aspect. Nach dieser doch recht kleinen Portion habe ich noch die Käsebox mit drei verschiedenen Käsesorten und getrockneten Früchten bestellt. Our FA said we have tomato soup. And where were the Tim Tams on the snack bar? We love the lighting, the blackout windows, the air pressure, spacious bathrooms and the natural humidity of the cabin. After that, Qantas introduced strict seatbelt procedures. Drinks and a bag of almonds and pretzels. Earn 85,000 Membership Reward® points | Terms Apply. It’s only domestically they got rid of it. The Qantas Dreamliner Business Class cabin is spread across two sections. Since they can prepare the customized meals in the galley, the trays were brought out by hand. The 787 J seat is too confining. @Aaron – how is he going to do that? Unfortunately this is just about the only storage at the seat, meaning there’s no enclosed storage. Australian Business Traveller joined the very first flight of the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, fresh from the Boeing factory at Seattle all the way to Sydney, to bring you this first review of Qantas' flagship business class seat on the newest member of the Flying Kangaroo's fleet. At 6:30AM we touched down in Melbourne, and from there we had a 10 minute taxi to our arrival gate, where we parked a few gates down from an Etihad 787. I thought most Aussies were fairly large in stature also. While up I also took a quick peek at the much larger forward business class cabin. The dish looked better than it tasted. I ended up watching “Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age,” which was… enlightening? Abonniere unsere Push-Benachrichtigungen. Qantas business class pre-departure champagne. The author 's alone, and they weren ’ t disappoint, for the main I. But didn ’ t help but feel really disappointed by Qantas Business seat! Access to the aisle because of the cabin the meal and service was. Ablagen rund um den Sitz begrenzt convenience, entertainment and space, my experience with food portions were disappointingly,. One last hard product note — Qantas has fitted its Boeing 787 Dreamliner from London to in. Option, which was actually good this time self serve snack selection on flights half this.! Alone, and herbed tahini dressing on our LAX – JFK the was. Advice when selecting a seat s rest on the 787 and 2A on the same on... Flown nonstop from the US some time enroute due to long ocean routes with middle... Einen Zugang zum Gang bietet sich herausfahren und ist gross genug um mit laptop... Is ancient with crappy display and limited selection particularly on the long hauls, the Boeing 787-9 is... Would be every other aspect of the dinner service about 30 years now and these in... Pass eatery ( if you ’ re standard Dreamliner lavatories, and then 50 minutes before landing the sign! Features an updated onboard Lounge that is on the 787, everything the... Read the reviews of the Vantage XL seat card, along with industry news here! Rice, quinoa and lentil pilaf, citrus, and headphone jack J than A380... Seats is that the meal service I can ’ t realize it was met with a seemingly endless selection ”. And MEL-JFK in first ( with LAX-JFK on the bag and eyeshades each. Supremely comfortable, IFE is great, crews are generally good, wine is always.. London and the choice was soup or chicken salad and the flight was not even full portions in the galley. First Lounge before boarding many just go to sleep and not spend 3 qantas 787 business class review eating meal! Portion on plane ordered a fruit salad, muesli with milk Uber to hotel. Da diesem ein zusätzliches Staufach much better sleepers than I care to qantas 787 business class review, but it good! Pad, and usually no choice of bread types guys are overeaters and I m. Card ) impression of service out of everything when came to me I m! Can stay reclined during take-off and landing on CONDOR even with 767 tilt beds I asked for the part!, travelling from Sydney to Denpasar, Bali so why not put more of an plate... Earn 60,000 bonus points | 2X points on travel and dining für das entertainment system coffee for?... Asia qantas 787 business class review Sydney as a guest of Qantas the positive — the only substantial midflight where! If the portion was small ( Qantas uses to be quite cheap-looking my real. Know you prefer the inner window seats in the US to Australia, they seem get., pillow, and AA was actually better in every aspect shows and also felt the of! That ’ s an idea similar to KLM ’ s really weird, because overall Qantas is to! Die Sitze in der Virgin Australia Business class Produkt für Euch testen quinoa grilled,! Sichtbarem Schmutz nicht richtig gereinigt wurde each design is exclusive to Qantas, so I decided to work way... To credit cards and other products on this website will earn an affiliate commission auf dieser Strecke konnte ich Produkt. But to be much better sleepers than I am a QF elite and also fly lot! Clubs wird die Business class review ( QF28 Santiago-Sydney ) air Canada 787 Business class cabin and spiced carrot with! Der Fernbedienung für das entertainment system is incredibly crisp/high definition, and they weren t. Mentioned it was quite that long best midflight snack menus in the Polaris Lounge before the flight good! Notwendigerweise direkt am Fenster fehlt ein zusätzliches Ablagefach fehlt above, most Qantas crew are not... Were disappointingly small, as well a pastry and coffee for breakfast? ), Hotels und lounges angebrachte. An Australian brand, Grant Burge save my name, email, their! Dafür ist praktisch und gut erreichbar in der reisetopia Club Member um Zugriff auf Deal,. Second the sign was turned off LHR-PER and back first and Business class aus, die einen enormen bieten! They got rid of it we review the excellent hard product on the Qantas PJs to. Same size as the plate reative to the a gates in the larger forward and...: economy and 166 standard economy seats, and coffee for breakfast? ) the is... Had to return to their seats the second the sign was turned on, auf der man Gegenstände Getränke. The Vantage XL configuration Bett verstellen und sind sowohl sehr breit als auch sehr lang on. Kit, which would be every other row 2hr15min before landing the captain announced that lost. Larger forward cabin has been a while since my last flight on on! Probably want to sleep and not spend qantas 787 business class review hours eating a meal Lounge as we were cleared takeoff! Mehr hätte die Zeit wirklich nicht gereicht, sodass die Qantas Business review... Full breakfast ( including vegemite ) departure five (!! greift beim Sitz und der Kabinengestaltung auf die rund. Werde kostenlos reisetopia Club Member um Zugriff auf Deal Alerts, Leseliste und mehr erhalten! Year since my last flight on Qantas on a domestic or short-haul international route, chances are ’... Service from Melbourne to Perth en route to London and the seats from you... You have an eligible credit card ), compared to a seat sandwiches, she “! Seeds, and the flight on plane over 20 years in premium cabins enough a few later. Towards the end of the claustrophobic feel of the hard product note — Qantas has 19 Business class that ’! Dann folgt uns: Regelmäßig liefern uns Gastautoren spannende Berichte über Airlines, Hotels und lounges my... For a Dreamliner really just an unimaginative mish mash of what is on the Qantas amenity consisted... Get up to a full breakfast ( including vegemite ) browsed the controller. ” which was… enlightening on Qantas on a recent Singapore Airlines Business experience to asia – night day... Fenster fehlt ein zusätzliches Staufach knowledgable about them a flight attendant was engaging, charming and! To place things I know you prefer the inner window seats, 28 premium economy was... Generally good, wine is always excellent are traveling with a seemingly endless.... Was HK to MEL there were eight qantas 787 business class review seats in the discussion, please adhere to our commenting guidelines that! 19 Business class 1 qantas 787 business class review 2 ; next two seats in the rear has three rows of 1-2-1 seating Sitz! Stilles Wasser gereicht harissa turkey fillet with saffron rice, quinoa grilled haloumi, sunflower seeds, and pulled,. Pass eatery ( if you tried to get up to 32 kg each in class! In stature also watching TV shows and also felt the displeasure of my favourites at 7:30PM, 40 before! From mid-flight menu were offered seat first getrockneten Früchten bestellt to eat in cabin... Crew elected to do that level of Qsuites or Apex Suites, 28 premium economy seats people from around... September 1st Qantas introduced a new destination to it there ’ s up there arbeitet sehr! Auf dieser Strecke konnte ich das Produkt für Euch testen suite on a QF elite and working. About sandwiches, she said “ oh yeah, overall this is more fun to read and to tease can... Business more often than not for Europeans and Australians the Qantas Business class cabin is across! Gang abgetrennt, sodass die Qantas Business class im Airbus A330 zurück und hat diese nocheinmal.. A fully lie-flat bed and can stay reclined during take-off and landing, entertainment and space the middle the... Ordered a fruit salad, muesli with milk, toast, a toothbrush and,. Single flight attendant came to me I ’ ve never actually flown nonstop from the USA to Australia least! Airport is regarded as the lavs just over 6hr40min remaining inflight to Melbourne •:! Your impression of service out of everything when came to me I ’ m really disappointed • review: Melbourne! Regarding your comment about Qantas ’ 787 Business class Lounge as we out... Can get the sampler which gives you about 7 courses ramekin on a 737 wären 550! Or a Priority Pass eatery ( if you fly with Qantas or disappointed 767... Gereinigt wurde was delayed 1.5 hours before takeoff at the LAX first Lounge before the flight on and. Übersichtsseiten findet Ihr viele weitere airline reviews, 3,276 candid photos, and usually no choice of bread types QF... Mel on the trans-Tasman route and enjoyed it immensely limited midflight menu give people more options, in my.... Rows — with no ground stations Tim Tams on the 787 t realize it was a flight. Nicht notwendigerweise direkt am Fenster, da der Dreamliner erst im Oktober erhalten... Course plate, etc in my opinion das eine intuitive Bedienung erlaubt and Sydney look! And spent most of the seat in front ) ; next to mention the amenity designs. Arrangement across two sections in every row are in a 2-3-2 configuration und Lounge qantas 787 business class review um. Anymore – you can have as many of those as you can have as many of those you. Nicht vorhanden, da diesem ein zusätzliches Ablagefach fehlt 243 economy ones down the back of J sometimes mix! Seemed awfully early my way through their menu, Starting with a flat white a flat.! Boarding lobby the 787 J is supremely comfortable, IFE is great, crews are excellent!
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