APRAPR’s operations are guided by the 5Cs business vision that whatever we do must be "good for the Community, good for the Country, good for the Climate, good for Customer and only then will it be good for the Company".

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) is the first fully integrated viscose rayon producer in Asia from plantation to viscose fibre. Our 240,000-tonne capacity mill is co-located in Pangkalan Kerinci with Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL). As one of the companies managed by RGE, which was founded by Sukanto Tanoto in 1973, APR produces natural and biodegradable viscose rayon used in textile and personal hygiene products.

Committed to sustainable sourcing and efficient manufacturing, APR’s products address customers’ needs, while touching the lives of the communities around our areas of operations.


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Sukanto Tanoto Website

Sukanto Tanoto is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Founder and Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), which manages a global group of companies in resources manufacturing. Tanoto is also the co-founder of Tanoto Foundation, a philanthropy that aims to improve lives by alleviating poverty.