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Royal Golden Eagle

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RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) comprises a group of world-class companies focused on resources-based manufacturing industries. These companies transform basic resources into intermediate and end products that improve the lives of millions of people around the globe.

With total assets exceeding US$12 billion and a workforce of more than 50,000 worldwide, RGE is organized into four main business groups:

  • Fiber, pulp and paper – APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited)
  • Agro industry – Asian Agri
  • Dissolving wood pulp and viscose staple fiber – Sateri Holdings Limited
  • Energy resource development – Pacific Oil & Gas

Each group operates independently, with its own holding company and board of directors and management overseeing operations and strategy. Common to all is a drive to achieve energy & production efficiency and excellence in product quality in an environmentally friendly manner.

RGE's guiding philosophy mandates that every operation must benefit "community, country and company". As such, each company operates on the basis of sustainability and high social and environmental responsibility in every sector and operation.

Business Philosophy

All of Sukanto Tanoto’s businesses are guided by the Triple Bottom Line principle of responsibility to People, Planet and Profit.


  • Contributing to the socio-economic development through education, health care, community infrastructure and sustainable livelihood


  • Fair business practices towards the community which works together with the corporation


Practice sustainable development to generate sustainable growth in the near and long term


Maximize returns to stakeholders while contributing to local and regional socio-economic development.

In a local context, Sukanto Tanoto describes the philosophy as "being good for the community, good for the country, good for the climate and good for the company."