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The COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it has brought have caused many nations and communities to unite in fighting it. Business and companies have also joined in. In times that demand for resolve and charity, RGE, Tanoto Foundation and RGE business groups across the world have stepped up to respond to the needs of employees as well as the needs of the communities where we operate. Guided by our 5Cs principle – Good for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer and Company – our companies are joining the global fight against COVID-19.

In Indonesia, we partnered with Tanoto Foundation to donate 1 million medical masks, 1 million surgical gloves, 100,000 protective gowns (PPE) and 3,000 surgical goggles to The National Agency for Disaster Countermeasure (BNPB). The equipment were delivered in three batches via chartered flights from China to Indonesia. The last shipment came in on 13 April 2020 via a chartered Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-300ER.

In China, Asia Symbol and Sateri donated 1.5 million medical masks and 900 metric tons of original disinfectant to support healthcare professionals. Through Tanoto Foundation, we also donated 700,000 surgical masks to Hong Kong, China.

Bracell in Brazil is donating 18 ventilators to public hospitals; and 350,000 medical masks, 40,000 protective gowns, 33,500 surgical gloves, and 1,000 litres of disinfectant to put in use across the country.

In Singapore, we donated 1 million medical masks to The Courage Fund which assists individuals at high risk of viral infection, and more than 100 RGE staff participated in #BYOBclean, an ambitious project to distribute free hand sanitizer to every household in Singapore.

RGE companies continue to promote the safety and well-being of our employees and our communities. We activated business continuity plans that include alternate work arrangements, staggered work hours, and social distancing. Additional measures are also implemented to safeguard vulnerable colleagues, including those in their senior years, pregnant or have special needs.

As our operations are embedded in communities, social media has proven to be useful in disseminating relevant information. Our companies use social media channels to promote health advisories in line with local and international standards (more examples below). 

Informative posters and advisories are also displayed at various parts of our operations, reminding staff and the community of safe and responsible practices. This is in addition to regular engagements with colleagues and the community to stay united, continuously practise good hygiene and social distancing, be socially responsible, and see a doctor if unwell.

With collective preparedness and precaution, we hope our communities remain united and resilient in the face of this challenge.

“Tanoto Foundation wants to help doctors and medical staff at risk of contracting COVID-19 through this donation of PPEs, which is a vital need in this time of emergency. For us, their willingness and their courage is a true form of heroism in this difficult time. We are sure that we can fight this together. We are praying for the people of Indonesia,” said Tanoto Foundation’s Global CEO, Satrijo Tanudjojo. See more in Tanoto Foundation’s news release.

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Sukanto Tanoto is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Founder and Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), which manages a global group of companies in resources manufacturing. Tanoto is also the co-founder of Tanoto Foundation, a philanthropy that aims to improve lives by alleviating poverty.