When APRIL Group's Indonesia operations PT RAPP started operations in Pangkalan Kerinci in the early 1990s, it not only provided employment for thousands and contributed to improving  the socio-cultural and economic vibrancy of the area, but created many opportunities for locals via partnerships.

The late Yus Herman started his transportation business to serve RAPP employees, who not only hailed from Kerinci but also other towns. He later partnered RAPP, who provided him with the necessary training to run the business, as well as the support in securing loans from the bank.

With perseverence and an innate desire for continuously learning, Mr Yus Herman's business scaled to over 90 staff and a fleet of 60 buses. His legacy lives and his business is now managed by his wife and daughter.

RAPP's presence in Pangkalan Kerinci has created a positive multiplier in the town, contributing to its growth and prosperity. 

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