Nation-building Through Philanthropy

The personal experiences of Tanoto Foundation founder and successful entrepreneur, Sukanto Tanoto, have helped shaped the Foundation’s philanthropic approach. The combination of the challenges faced in his early years and later in his career has given him the belief that nation-building through philanthropy requires both the systematic creation of equitable access to educational opportunities and a sustained, collaborative, growth-minded approach to its implementation.

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Commitment to a Cause

A new article recently covered the evolution of Tanoto Foundation. When Sukanto Tanoto achieved early success in his business, he visited a rural town in Besitang, Indonesia, and noticed the poor educational standards and infrastructure in the area. Sukanto decided that creating jobs in a town alone is not enough to raise the quality of life. Having never had the opportunity to continue his own education, which resulted in early struggles, Sukanto felt that education standards should at least be improved, so that improvements in quality of life for the community can be continuous and sustained.

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Sukanto Tanoto Website

Sukanto Tanoto is a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Founder and Chairman of Royal Golden Eagle (RGE), which manages a global group of companies in resources manufacturing. Tanoto is also the co-founder of Tanoto Foundation, a philanthropy that aims to improve lives by alleviating poverty.